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You can help youth on relevant everyday topics such as toxic stress, police-youth relations, and more.

The YDJ: Youth Discussing Justice program features a 10-week session inclusive of a 3-week photography reflection project. Adults will facilitate discussion with 6th-12th graders on relevant, everyday topics such as toxic stress, police-youth relationships, conflict resolution, technology, violence, and more, focusing on social-emotional development in a customized design and curriculum. EYEJ has connected with over 1,600 underserved students in Cleveland and surrounding districts with this unique program, currently conducted virtually.


Together we can support Cleveland’s next generation of change makers and leaders.

We invite corporations, foundations, and other businesses to engage with us!  Partnerships opportunities can include sponsorship of the EYEJ Speaks series or the YDJ: Youth Discussing Justice program.  We can customize partnerships to meet the Corporate Social Responsibility or Diversity Equity and Inclusion goals of your organization.   Look at the documents below for more information. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please email us at, and someone will follow up with you shortly.

As an African American man, EYEJ provides me with an opportunity to help change the world through sharing my life with adolescent African American boys.


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