Empowering Changemaker Campaign
Empowering young advocates for change.

EYEJ drives social justice reform by empowering young people to advocate for change.

EYEJ empowers and creates Changemakers. During these unprecedented times of great change, young people are not being taught how to navigate life or create reform based on their authentic ideas about social justice.

We teach young people how to be positive advocates for change, provide leadership skills, and empower them to be self-valued leaders and citizens of their communities capable of creating reform.

We believe empowerment begins with conversation.

Our YDJ: Youth Discussing Justice program is the first step. It connects young people with inspirational members of their communities and promotes engagement in a safe, intimate environment on a wide variety of relevant issues. Over time, this fosters a positive mental outlook and builds a solid foundation of confidence, knowledge, and practical skills needed to succeed in all aspects of life.

From there, we encourage young people to join the EYEJ Youth Council, a group for older students, where they’ll connect more deeply to their communities. They’ll turn their ideas and words into action and gain firsthand experience making the change they wish to see in the world. Together and individually, they’ll become the drivers of social justice.

YODJ: Youth Online Discussing Justice

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Helping youth to understand problems that life will bring to them

Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice (EYEJ) drives social justice reform by empowering young people to advocate for change.

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Amplify Youth Voices

EYEJ: Youth Council Member

EYEJ Employee

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EYEJ's ultimate Youth Empowerment Pathway's three distinct but cohesive programs

Millennial Task Force

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Managing Board

Through the devoted work of 900+ diverse volunteers, donors, and staff, its keynote programs are affecting the lives of thousands.

Youths agreed that the YDJ: Youth Discussing Justice program helps them:


Young people from the EYEJ youth discussion series identify as self-valued leaders & potential changemakers


Students - 1st time social justice learners


promised to help


Define issues they would like to address

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