The EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council is a group of 19 youth ages 15-25 from all across districts in Cleveland who together are brainstorming issues, injustices and challenges both they and their peers face in their community.

Together they created a recommendation for solutions specifically focusing on youth independency (life skills) and police – youth relationships and presented them to Chief Williams of the Cleveland Police, it’s Commanders and members of the Cleveland Indians April 30, 2018. This is in partnership with the Partnership for A Safer Cleveland and made possible by the Larry Doby Youth Fund.

Here is their presentation.

Watch the We Are the Same Video – presented at the presentation.

To see a recap of the presentationgo here.

EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Team List

  • Teyla Alexander
  • Chanté Arrington
  • Frank Austin
  • Chantal Brown
  • Corrin Cooper
  • Zia Durnin
  • Sophia Higginbottom
  • Tony Hoskins
  • Rashimba Ivory
  • Tiara Jacobs
  • Jerald King
  • Daniel Lynch
  • Ron Miller
  • Maranda Priah
  • Derin Robinson
  • Mariah Ross
  • Mallory Wilks
  • DaeJa Wimbley


EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Bridge Members

  • Chloe Mieras
  • Cassidy Yatsko


EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Intern

  • Mya Cox