Exploring Connectivity as a Civil Rights Issue in a Pandemic Plagued Country

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By Megha Goel Michelle’s school expects her to finish her five page quarantine assignment on her smartphone. Her mother cannot access the telehealth service to manage her diabetes, and her […]

From Drafting Policies to Protesting Racism, Yumi Ndhlovu is Working for a Just Future

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By Megha Goel “Youth have the power to change the world, and their voices need to be heard.” – Yumi Ndhlovu This message is from Yumi Ndhlovu, Empowering Youth Exploring […]

The Future and Present of Social Justice is YOU | A Poem

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By Joshua Mitchell The power of a conversation  The chain breaker, peace maker during confrontation, Is it breeds connection and direction toward the day of justice and mercy's marriage consummation […]

A Conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through the Lens of Social Justice in America

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By Megha Goel It’s not one entity that can solve the problems of racial inequities in America. We need to come together as a community and create solutions. A lot […]

From a Successful Tech Career to Starting a Non-profit From Scratch

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Interview With Founder, Board Emeritus and Executive Director of Eyej – Mai Moore By Megha Goel “The youth are the foundation of our future, and it is our responsibility as […]

There’s More Than One Way to the Top: Frank Austin’s Roadmap to Success!

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By Megha Goel A quick Google search might not pull up many articles about the 19-year-old Frank Austin from Cleveland. He might not sound or look like Jobs, Gates, or […]

Young, Gifted, and Determined – Exploring Violence and Peaceful Solutions in America’s Cities

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By Megha Goel According to the Center for American Progress, from 2008 through 2017, Ohio had the 20th-highest rate of gun murders, with a rate of 3.96 gun homicides per […]

Diamond Bottoson, A Powerhouse Of Positivity

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By Megha Goel Optimism, effervescence, and an eager commitment to self-love make Diamond the fearless star we all need. The first thing that strikes you about Diamond is her infectious […]

There’s More Than One Way To Achieve A Goal: Redefining Professional Success In A 21st Century World

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By Megha Goel “They teach you how other people think, during your most productive years. It kills creativity. Makes people into bozos,” said Steve Jobs. Jobs, co-founder of one of […]

Life in East Cleveland: A Memoir of Self Discovery & Change

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By Megha Goel “I grew up writing essays and stories on what I was doing, the things I saw around in my neighborhood, and the news that mattered to our […]