One hour / 60 minutes

That’s all the time it takes to impact a young Cleveland student’s life. Invest in the city’s future.


Be a Speaker, a Facilitator, or a Coordinator! We are always looking to fill these roles at EYEJ – and we would love to discuss these positions with you further.  You can sign up now, and when we have the exact dates/times, we will be in touch with you.

We are passionate about amplifying the voices of young people in Cleveland specifically in the discussion of social justice topics like Toxic Stress, Money Management, and Police/Youth Relationships. Our commitment includes bridging diverse individuals to create dynamic, enlightening discussions between and among young people and with the adults participating!

We have found that 33% of our volunteers are so committed and dedicated, that they on average spend 7 Discussion Series with us a YEAR!

We’re looking for volunteers who are eager to participate in a two-sided dialogue with the youth of Cleveland to develop real change in equality in our neighborhoods and city!

Are you…


Energetic, passionate, and willing to listen?


In school, legally employed, retired or able to share your story?


Happy to collaborate with a partner during the discussion?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions and are interested in volunteering or being a discussions series Speaker or Facilitator, apply here.  Any additional questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to volunteer@eyej.org.

You will receive a confirmation email with all relevant details after you register. We’ll walk you through every step of the way – including training, curriculum, and volunteer support – so that you can get the most out of this valuable experience. Expect to receive a speaker document and information about your volunteer partner a week before your discussion date.

You also have the opportunity to be an EYEJ Facilitator. This position serves monthly at the same school in the same class for the duration of the year. Facilitators are very knowledgeable of the EYEJ mission and topics, and will assist the Speaker during the discussion.

If you answered “No” but still would like to volunteer, consider being an EYEJ Coordinator.  An EYEJ Coordinator helps to facilitate the discussion series session by supporting the speakers, discussion activities, and in-discussion paperwork management. This position will allow you to experience the powerful discussion firsthand without the full pressure of managing the speaker’s responsibilities.



2019-2020 topics:

Sept: Toxic Stress

Oct: Exploring Money w/Chase Bank and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Nov: Conflict Resolution

Dec: Exploring Technology

Jan: Police and Youth Relationships w/the Cleveland Police

Feb: Achieving A Positive Mindset w/Case Western Reserve University and the Fowler Institute

March: Invest in Your Future (Entrepreneurship, College/Trade School)

April: Exploring Violence w/the Cleveland Police

May: Reflection Events


  • Nathan Hale
  • Miles Park
  • More for January 2020 (Will announce closer to December 2019)
  • City of Cleveland Recreation Center Special Program Summer of 2020 to Spring of 2021

Apply Here to get access to the schedule or contact volunteer@eyej.org 


  • One training session will be required prior to volunteering
  • To schedule a training, please contact volunteer@eyej.org


To learn more and to sign up as a volunteer, apply here, and someone will be back with you within a week.

Apply to be a Facilitator, Speaker or Coordinator for the EYEJ Discussion Series

Any additional questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to volunteer@eyej.org.

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