Thank you for your interest in EYEJ!

Please find below a list of open jobs, back-end volunteer and/or internships at EYEJ.  To see details of the job, please simply click on the link of the job for further details.

For application – please email with title of job/internship, a cover letter and your resume.

Open Background:

-Business Intern

EYEJ Business Intern Description

-Community Awareness Intern

EYEJ Community Awareness Intern Description

-Blog Intern

EYEJ Blog Intern Description

-Events Intern

Events Intern Job Description

-EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Intern

EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Intern Description

-EYEJ Millennial Board Member

EYEJ Millennial Board Member Description Intern

DSJ Intern Description

-IT Advisor – SalesForce Expert

IT Advisor Job Description

-Rewards/New Product Development Intern

EYEJ Rewards-Marketing Intern Description

-Positive Changes Newsletter (Email) Intern

Positive Changes Newsletter (Email) Intern Description

-Product Development Intern

EYEJ Product Development Intern Description
-Public Relations Intern

PR Intern Description

-YouTube Video Strategist Intern

EYEJ YouTube Video Strategist Description

-Web Site/Content Intern

Web Site/Content Intern Description

Master’s Students Only:

-Admin Intern

Admin Intern Job Description

-Research Intern

Research Intern Job Description

-Capstone/Case Study – Cultural Competency Project

Capstone – Case Study Intern Job Description – Cultural Compentency