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Please find below a list of open jobs, back-end volunteer and/or internships at EYEJ.  To see details of the job, please simply click on the link of the job for further details.

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About EYEJ

EYEJ amplifies youth voices for those that are silent.


EYEJ: Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice empowers and amplifies the voices of teens and pre-teens by bridging them with diverse individuals to engage in interactive discussions centered around social justice.

EYEJ believes social justice means equality and opportunity for all. We believe a commitment to social justice requires us to value our collective diversity and commit to challenging injustice while simultaneously advocating on behalf of those who have the least.

EYEJ has served over 1,500 underserved youth through it's Discussion Series, EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council, Change Summits, Y.O.D.J.: Youth Online Discussing Justice, DiscussSocialJustice and All-Star Reading Program.


Due to the death and ruling of Trayvon Martin, and through discussion and civil discourse, several Plymouth Church, UCC members including Mai Moore and June Antoine quickly gathered Plymouth Church members together as they knew that youth deserved and needed support to be empowered in August, 2013. Founder: Mai Moore, with her background and success in the tech industry understanding the balance between taking personal risk, speed, business, creating impact and results and community was necessary to help to amplify youth voices.

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