The Problems are Numerous


Cleveland Metropolitan area ranks in the top 10 nationally for residents living in concentrated poverty.


Cleveland is safer than only two percent of all cities in the United States.


40 percent of CMSD students are labeled “at-risk” of not graduating high school.


50 percent of EYEJ 7th and 8th graders are actively recruited to join gangs.


75% of our students are in a single parent household.


One of our neighborhood school areas suffers from an epidemic of gun violence and is home to the largest population of sex offenders in Cleveland.


Another neighborhood school area has a large number of HIV positive adults and many youth in this age range are sexually active.

not safe

Many of our youth are afraid of leaving their home sometimes, and do not feel comfortable calling the police for safety reasons.

Imagine if you or your child was expected to go to school every day in these conditions.

Wouldn’t you want to see change?

EYEJ has the Solutions


EYEJ is focused on building self-valued leaders.


Education is the answer to many of our issues today.

We are a bridge to social justice.

We believe that education comes in many forms. We also believe that we need to teach these kids to be strong and secure internal and externally. Cleveland youth have a lot of insight about the challenges they face. They want to express themselves and have others acknowledge their opinions and viewpoints.

We also believe in bridging worlds together and do that by bringing speakers of all backgrounds, age, ethnicity, and job types to discuss various topics that has to do with values and self-confidence with an overarching focus of social justice. We believe in discussion, not lecturing or one-way communication, but true conversation. We believe in our youth as they are our future and our community. We are not about race — we are about human-to-human connection. We believe that our youth will help build the solution for social justice.

We Are Bringing Worlds Together

Be a speaker in our discussion series.


Our work is funded by individuals, foundations and corporations that directly impacts our youth.


Have your 6-8th grader discuss various topics surrounding social justice.