DSJ is an online, safe, membership and points based tool for educators who may have or integrate social justice based curriculum into their school setting.  DSJ allows for students from all over the world to discuss various social justice topics online.  For more information, please contact us directly for more information at hello@eyej.org.

In the platform – we welcome open and honest comments, feedback, and discussion about various social justice topics on this forum. We ask that you respect one another’s viewpoints. This forum is designed to be a safe and open collaborative environment where you can learn, share, and gain a better understanding of your similarities and differences. There is no tolerance for disrespect. Bottom line: be kind and be yourself.

We are in testing mode and open right now only to our partners. In the meantime if you would like to made aware of the public launch, please sign up for our Positive Changes Newsletter. If you are age 13 or under you will need guardian or parental consent in order to use the forum which will be emailed to you.

For any questions pease email hello@eyej.org

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