Exploring Connectivity as a Civil Rights Issue in a Pandemic Plagued Country

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By Megha Goel Michelle’s school expects her to finish her five page quarantine assignment on her smartphone. Her mother cannot access the telehealth service to manage her diabetes, and her […]

A Conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through the Lens of Social Justice in America

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By Megha Goel It’s not one entity that can solve the problems of racial inequities in America. We need to come together as a community and create solutions. A lot […]

Young, Gifted, and Determined – Exploring Violence and Peaceful Solutions in America’s Cities

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By Megha Goel According to the Center for American Progress, from 2008 through 2017, Ohio had the 20th-highest rate of gun murders, with a rate of 3.96 gun homicides per […]

There’s More Than One Way To Achieve A Goal: Redefining Professional Success In A 21st Century World

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By Megha Goel “They teach you how other people think, during your most productive years. It kills creativity. Makes people into bozos,” said Steve Jobs. Jobs, co-founder of one of […]

Think and Grow Positive: Be the Change You Want to See

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By Kenyatta Skyles Philosopher James Allen is famous for his quote: “As a man thinketh, so he is. As he continues to think, so he remains.” Do you believe that […]

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: Discussing the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement

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By Megha Goel Understanding the civil rights movements of yesterday and today is essential to understanding American history. The landscape of today goes beyond racial inequities with recent Supreme Court […]

The Dollars and Cents of Exploring Money as a Social Justice Issue

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By Kenyatta Skyles Understanding the dynamics of financial management at a young age leads to making healthy choices later in life. Financial education is a critical skill that enables a […]

Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice Took the Conversation of Conflict Resolution to the Next Level

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By Kenyatta Skyles Whether one is a social justice activist or trying to enact change in their place of employment, conflict resolution is at the core of this work.  While […]

Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice Breaks Down the Facts of Toxic Stress in New Facebook Live Series

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By Kenyatta Skyles EYEJ Speaks, an 8-week Facebook Live series, was established out of the organization’s need to bring its youth social justice conversations to civic leaders, educators, youth, families, […]