From a Successful Tech Career to Starting a Non-profit From Scratch

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Interview With Founder, Board Emeritus and Executive Director of Eyej – Mai Moore By Megha Goel “The youth are the foundation of our future, and it is our responsibility as […]

Achieving Equity Through Fair Housing

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Confronting America’s Past and Envisioning an Equitable Future By Emily Martin, Special Guest Contributor When we look around us at who lives where and who has access to resources and […]

EYEJ’s #EMPOWER Giving Campaign means more than just a contribution on #GivingTuesdayNow

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2020 will be remembered as the year that the world’s populations faced one of the most devastating pandemics in recent decades, but came out on top. The pain and losses […]

What EYEJ means to me by Ron Miller (EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Advisor)

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What EYEJ means to me by Ron Miller (EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Advisor) Hi, my name is Ron Miller, I am 23 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio […]

Women. Inspiration. People. Reflection. By Mai Moore

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Right now, at EYEJ, we are strengthening ourselves in order to prepare for growth and the future. For me as Founder and Executive Director it is a time and space to […]

YWCA Greater Cleveland #YWCAEquityChallenge Day 5: From Trauma to Healing

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YWCA Greater Cleveland #YWCAEquityChallenge Day 5: From Trauma to Healing “Research has linked racism to a host of other problems, including serious psychological distress, physical health problems, depression, anxiety, binge […]

YWCA 21 Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge

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“As the world continues to change, I long for the day that we no longer have the need to see color, consider sexual orientation, or gender and instead open our […]

Community. by Mai Moore

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Hello! EYEJ approach’s this fall season with a focus on strategy, planning and fundraising.  Along with relaunching our social media, we’d also like to share our theme for the 2018-2019 school year. […]

EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Letter of Support. By Divya Manoharan

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Dear Cleveland, People often say that adults borrow the world from their children. That youth are always those who make change. That young people’s voices are the most important. And […]

Dear Cleveland. by Abbie from Saint Joseph Academy

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Dear Cleveland, We deserve better. We should not, at such a young age, be living under constant pressure. This pressure, this fear of the future places undue stress upon many […]