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Here’s why to discuss to social justice…. I was writing this blog, as the launch to an entire series of blogs by EYEJ representatives for 2017 today relating to specific […]

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Here’s why to discuss to social justice…. I was writing this blog, as the launch to an entire series of blogs by EYEJ representatives for 2017 today relating to specific reasons and explanations to the topic, I received a phone call.  My dear friend Tony Thomas (age 20) died last night.  Tony was a visionary, extremely loyal, and was generally excited about life.  His main focus was to protect his family and make enough money for them to live a safe, comfortable life.  He was a fighter looking for a solution to his issues and for his family.  Tony was lucky enough to find support in multiple communities outside of his own including Plymouth Church.  He tried so hard to break the cycle of his family situation and life including and money issues, but just simply could not break away from it, no fault of his own.  Tony’s story becomes another tragedy in a series of young men and women in Cleveland that are working to break the cycle of poverty and that are taken from us too soon.
We as people have a responsibility to Bridge Worlds Together, including those of us that are far more privileged then others. We need to GO and meet, talk, discuss, help those of us that are less fortunate, understand who they are, understand their life, and their experiences.  It is our duty.  Without this, how can we make any impact, and make the world a better place? For those that are unsure what steps to take, but want to help, please think about talking to people that you wouldn’t normally talk too.  One way to do this is to volunteer for our discussion series as a Speaker or Coordinator.  It has opened up the eyes of so many people now committed to the cause, and will likely do the same for you.  These kids need our support, our time, and to simply offer them a safe space to share.
At EYEJ, we believe that Bridging Worlds Together is just one of the keys in working toward a goal of Social Justice.  Furthermore, we believe that our youth are our future and will be key in creating solutions in achieving social justice.  We also believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at education and an answer and in return education should help them create change and improve the world for their generation.  But we can’t create change without each other, and without you.   We must look beyond ourselves, our comfort zone and have faith in the power of what we can accomplish if we all work together.
Some of my favorite sources for information regarding social justice:
Talk to people outside of your comfort zone.  As in our Discussion Series, we have real life Clevelanders of all ages, stages, backgrounds from Jones Day lawyers to Ex-Felons who comes together as one to spend time and discuss important social justice topics as our youth that need a chance to share their voice and opinions on these topics.  At the same type our time our speakers need a chance to share their thoughts, therefore collaborating together to understand each other, empower each other and Bridge Worlds Together.  People are pretty incredible and more similar then you think, and at the same time it’s exciting to learn about your differences.
Tony, this is for you.  Love you.  Rest in Peace Scorp.
Mai Moore
Founder, Board Emeritus and Executive Director

I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself. C. S. Lewis