EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council. by Chloe Mieras

Hello Cleveland, Cleveland has been my home since I was a little girl. I grew up in Cleveland but moved out of the city when I was younger. However, due […]

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Hello Cleveland,

Cleveland has been my home since I was a little girl. I grew up in Cleveland but moved out of the city when I was younger. However, due to a deeply rooted love for the city and my Cleveland Cavaliers, I was never a stranger to the city I love. I am currently a first-year at Case Western Reserve University which has brought me back home and is also where I found out about EYEJ. Through our own Social Justice Institute, and then my work with EYEJ, I discovered what work was being done in our city to promote advocacy and to bring the brightness of Cleveland back to life.

College has given me a new world of opportunities to get involved and make a bigger impact. However the biggest opportunity it gave me was to get involved with EYEJ. EYEJ is fostering a new generation of youth who advocate for themselves and their communities, while giving the youth in  Cleveland a platform to have a voice.

Growing up I have watched Cleveland change and grow for both the better and the worse. The older I got the more I began to pay attention and I quickly learned where the disparity lies in this community, where inequalities lie, and what things need to change. However, not once did I think negatively about my city, and that’s what makes Cleveland youth so strong and connected; through every hardship, they still love their home.

EYEJ wants to foster this strength and connection while giving the youth a platform to raise their voices and make real change.

Through my experience with the EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council I have had the privilege to meet outstanding young people whose knowledge and achievement outweigh that of any tenured professor. This council brought together 19 young adults from all districts of Cleveland who have a story to tell, who worked to find the biggest injustices they face. At a private event, held April 30th, Chief of Cleveland Police; Calvin Williams, many top business persons, non-profit leaders, lead change agents, government officials, media and sports persons will come together to hear what they have chosen and action plans to combat said injustices in their lives.

The impact of their work, however, is only as powerful as the actions of those receiving. So I ask you Cleveland, listen to our council and their suggestions they have worked so incredibly hard on. Their action plans and recommendations if implemented and achieved could lead to a real change in the social justice of Cleveland.

I also challenge you to listen to the youth in your life. Though we are young, we give a different and commonly ignored look into the issues surrounding our city and our lives. Today’s youth are truly acts of nature with bright ideas and a voice that deserves your time. Clevelands youth specifically are a force to reckon with and will change the world one day if simply given any opportunity to.

EYEJ and our partnered youth need your help. Whether it is your partnership, becoming an Advocate, ability to advertise, or donation, EYEJ is extremely appreciative. Show Cleveland’s youth and our council your support and help us empower more to step up and speak up for a better future for all of us and our future generations.

Thank you and Go Cavs, Indians and Browns!

Chloe Mieras

EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council – Bridge Member

Case Western Reserve University – Student