Call to Action – EYEJ Millennial Board by Sahadeo Ramharrack

Call to Action – EYEJ Millennial Board In this day and age of technological boom, social media, and instant gratification, it is easy to lose sight of the small things […]

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Call to Action – EYEJ Millennial Board

In this day and age of technological boom, social media, and instant gratification, it is easy to lose sight of the small things in life, such as the power of conversation, donating one’s time, making a small financial contribution, or even recognizing the power of sharing a social media link. However, these little things do add up and make a difference, “the ocean is made by single drops coming together”, so every little action that you can do will help further our cause and create a world that is more just. If you are a millennial reading this, or from any generation, I charge you to become involved in EYEJ, and help to fight for social justice, because there are no more excuses. The moment is now and there are many ways to be involved that do not require a lot of time or resources. This is one of the main reasons that EYEJ created the Millennial Board, to capture the talent and resources that millennials bring to the table and to look at things from the Millennial view. Many millennials are swamped with debt, and feel burdened because they can not give financially but want to help.  On the flip side, as a Millennial you can volunteer, have the opportunity to get to know how a non–profit works and experience the behind scenes reality of the non-profit sector, and not many times as a Millennial can you join a board.  Most boards for non-profits ask for a financial donation of certain amount to show commitment. Our millennial board for EYEJ does not require a financial donation.

So what does the EYEJ Millennial Board do?

Well I am glad that you asked. As a board, we have two main functions: one is to fundraise for EYEJ, so that does not mean donating money ourselves… it means coming up with creative ways to connect with other individuals who are passionate about our cause and would be interested in donating dollars, or their time. Secondly to help EYEJ by building awareness regarding the work that EYEJ is doing such as social media, blogging, creating events etc. Finally, we ask to offer value to EYEJ in whatever form board members have expertise, experience and/or passion in because there is so much opportunity with EYEJ.  Perhaps there is some skill or talent that you have that you’d like to offer such as:  project management, financial accounting skills, legal, training and/or event planning.

A non-profit requires securing funding, and we all know that budgets and financial institutions across the board are limited in funding especially resources allocated for community development and engagement. Therefore, it is crucial for people to be involved and donate resources, or time to non-profits. Any little bit helps and goes a long way. By being on the Millennial Board we are empowered to make a difference in the community, and we know that we will have an impact on the larger work that EYEJ does just by our involvement.

The EYEJ Millennial board members enjoy volunteering their time. Whether it’s volunteering to be a Speaker in the EYEJ Discussion Series or build new relationships at events…there are multiple ways that we can use your skills and abilities. As we get excited and energized for the next year, we can use your support. Help us plan millennial mixers, attend our EYEJ events and/or join our community of social justice minded individuals. The Millennial Board is a great opportunity to network, meet likeminded individuals, be innovative, support collaboration and lastly celebrate your passion for social justice.

If you are tired of being apathetic, and realize that even the smallest amount of your time donated to EYEJ will impact youth and make a difference no matter how little or how much your contribute then come join our Millennial board. We are seeking passionate, engaged individuals who have a few hours to spare, all you need to bring are your ideas and passion for the cause. Be involved, change America, and the world.  Contact me to set up a time to meet or talk further to see if this opportunity is right for you.

Sahadeo Ramharrack

Chair of the EYEJ Millennial Board